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We are focused on long-term cooperation and the interests of our customers determine the choice of focus for the activities of our university and its partners in the field of information technology.

Activities of Mobify

Since 2014, we have been implementing IT solutions based on the best technologies and software from leading world vendors, as well as our own developed methodology and vast experience in implementing projects in various industries.

Digital enterprise framework

Mobify has a unique expertise in introducing the concept of digital enterprise models

Business analytics

Problem: low efficiency of methods for collecting and preparing operational and analytical reporting of the production unit.

Solution: centralized data collection automation, manual labor automation, storage preparation, data automation, development of indicators, construction of dashboards.


Problem: the complexity of the planning and control processes during the implementation of sections of the production program.

Solution: automate business processes by digitizing and applying visualization of work progress, execution statuses, and automatic notifications.

Operational management

Problem: the complexity of operations of operational control and providing a reactive approach to eliminating emerging incidents and events at work.

Solution: building an integration bus in order to centralize data processing and detect alarm events. Visualization of technological processes and equipment mnemonic diagrams. Automation of monitoring and analytics.

Reports and
Implementation and
control of the Production Plan
Automation of business processes.
Dispatch center of
operational management
Automated systems of operational dispatch control.
Oil and gas
Modern production and processing in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan is associated with the development of deposits with hard-to-reach reserves, low debit and obsolete equipment amid growing demands for eco-safety. Mobify specialists have deep experience in understanding the technological processes of production in oil production, refining, storage, logistics and marketing. Practical knowledge of applying effective IT solutions at all stages - from the planning stage to integrated production management allows us to successfully implement the tasks of digital transformation of the enterprise and meeting the requirements of the concepts of Industry 4.0 and an intelligent (digital) field.
The experience of implementing IT solutions by the Mobify’s specialists in metallurgy allows achieving efficiency and reducing potential losses associated with industrial safety. Implementation of projects to digitalize the collection and processing of a data array from a large number of sensors using predictive analytics ensures industrial safety, product quality, and economic efficiency of production as a whole. The Mobify team has experience in implementing centralized MES-class systems, systems for the automation of supervisory monitoring, production planning systems, capacity utilization and balance formation.
University analysts and engineers have more than 15 years of experience in implementing individual and complex tasks of banks in the field of IT. Today, the trend of rapid development of independent fintech services is forcing banks to constantly improve internal IT services and applications, while ensuring high transaction security. The Mobify has unique experience in implementing the bank's IT strategy in terms of robotic banking processes, the use of big data processing algorithms and the construction of data protection and security. In practice, both proven corporate solutions and products are used, as well as innovative developments using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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