Automation analytics

World-class business intelligence solutions tailored to your business.

What is business analytics

Business intelligence platforms allow you to visualize analytical data in a single format for all structural units of the enterprise.

Mobify solutions allow you to provide access to key indicators of production, commerce, logistics and human resources through dashboards, graphs and tables online from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Centralization of a lot of information from various sources of databases and systems 1C, SAP, workflow, production systems, equipment, etc.

Creation of corporate-level analytical reports on the phone to large-scale analytical dashboards of situational and dispatch centers.

Your data in a new light

The main objective of business intelligence platforms is to provide a quick decision-making tool based on an effective analysis of strategic and operational indicators. The Mobify has experience in automating data collection through ready-made corporate tools, which makes it possible to digitize the entire chain of input, data collection and processing for visualization.

The result of implementation for business

Top management and key managers of the customer’s enterprise areas receive a daily tool for operational and strategic analysis of managerial and production indicators with convenient viewing on a computer, tablet, mobile phone online

The Mobify focuses on a specific result from the very beginning: increasing the efficiency of methods for collecting and preparing operational and analytical reports by reducing labor costs and time for preparing reports, reducing the impact of manual input errors and increasing the effectiveness of strategic analysis methods.

The technological result of implementation

A one-time investment in an IT solution allows you to create a single integration bus of analytical data and an information base that allows the customer to automate all the analytical activities of the enterprise or holding without significant further costs. At the same time, the Mobify transfers to the client a ready-made architecture, methodology and functional component for the subsequent replication of technology to the entire enterprise.

The Mobify offers the leading Microsoft Power BI business intelligence platform

The introduction of the concept of business analytics stimulates the standardization of the policy of using software products, which in turn affects the total cost of ownership of software in the enterprise.

Today, the use of modern Microsoft software products: Office 365, Exchange, Sharepoint, PowerBI, OneDrive, Flow, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 to automate customer business processes is becoming an important strategic choice in building a managed and scalable IT landscape.

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